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Our Pianist

 Practise & Concert Pianist - Pianist Tony Wright

Tony started playing the piano at 8. He had piano lessons from the late Mrs Ada Pells in Heath Road. Tony started playing the organ when he was 13. Played the piano for Nottingham Road Sunday School Anniversary. He later played the organ at Notingham Road, for a while. Tony met Chris through the Circuit Folk Group arranged by Rev Norman Grigg, although they did know of each other before then. After he and Chris got together they still both used to go to their individual churches- Chris, Wood Street, Tony Nottingham Road each Sunday. Tony was invited to play at Wood Street after they unfortunately lost both organists in one year-Melda Tagg & Herbert Atkin. They were delighted when he said 'Yes!'  Tony has been the main Organist since then. Tony also plays the pipe organ, electronic Hammond Organ, the digital piano & also the new Church organ at Wood Street. He enjoys playing and spends hours playing at home. Tony also plays for other Churches in the Circuits for Worship, and also for weddings and funerals whenever needed. He joined Musical Dimension in 2009 initially to sing, but has on many occasions had to step in and be the accompanist for practises and the smaller concerts.



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